Monday, March 12, 2012

Feral Sweater Boy on a Rooftop

Sorry for getting out of the habit of posting here! I'll make sure to be better about that in the future. Here's a piece from the end of last semester!

This was my final for Lifestyle Illustration. It was actually one piece of a pair, but the other one never did get finished to my satisfaction. Anyway, this piece explores my fascination with "Feral Sweater Boys," a term I coined based on the disheveled, layered looks that were all the rage in the fall. He is enjoying a little stroll on a rooftop with his friend the cat.


  1. Can you make posters / etc of Feral Sweater Boy available? Is that a thing?

  2. Lovely illustration Noelle.
    Is it totally computer generated?

  3. Oh my gosh this looks like me! I wear multiple scarves including around my waist, have red hair and a long red coat that I made, and I love sweaters, boots, and feral animals. I also may or may not climb on things society frowns upon.
    I love your art, what was your other illustration going to be?