Friday, April 29, 2011

Matador Madness

I've been having a bit of a matador thing lately. I'm not sure what brought it on, but their fancy jackets and tight pants are super fun to draw.


Roller derby matador!

Fun fact! Absolutely nothing in this post was done for class.

An image from a dream.

A girl done in illustrator Aurélie Neyret's style


Navy lady.


Mumford and Sons comics

Sassy boss and weak noodle arms comics.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I had NOT VERY MUCH real homework this past week, and so general farting around on Photoshop ensued. Some came out nice, others were a little weird...but anyway, here!

I like tattoos and sailor-inspired clothes and ladies.

Another lady! I was inspired by Janelle Monae's hair.

Bearded sailors with pipes are my idea of a good time.


I discovered a new Photoshop brush. I did not know that Photoshop could make lines like this.

A doodle after MOCCA!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

In a World of Conjoined Twins, One Man Stood Alone

My most recent comic endeavor! This will be printed out at 18x24 so I dedicated a lot more of my time to the layout and colors than usual. This is entirely digital so there's not as much process as in my previous comics. I don't really like doing linework digitally, but I was pressed for time and didn't feel like mucking about with light tables and ink and scanners and whatnot. I guess it worked in this case, and on the upside I rediscovered the inky Photoshop brush I'd been using last year before my brushes got shuffled up and I lost it!

I came up with the title sentence sometime last year and always wanted to do something with it, and finally got a chance when our prompt for this comic was "alternate reality."

A Mental List

For Illustration II, we were given a list of five random objects and told to incorporate each one into a different stage of a familiar journey (i.e. our morning routine). It has something to do with some kind of memory exercise. Or something. I didn't take the assignment very seriously, but unexpectedly ended up having a LOT of fun making them by being as ridiculous as possible and using way more obnoxious colors than usual.

I decided to turn myself into a superawesome rock star.

Word #1: Birds

Word #2: Soft pretzel

Word #3: Guitar

Word #4: Leather jacket

Word #5: Blimp

Scarlet City Bitter Sea

Book Illustration! We were given a list of fake book titles and author names and told to choose one to make a book cover for. "Scarlet City Bitter Sea" was the one that jumped out at me, because it made me think of prostitutes and pirates. MY FAVORITE SUBJECTS! Seriously though, I'm gonna try and branch out from pirates. Eventually.

Anyway, here we have a manly bearded pirate getting felt up by a lady. YAY!

The critique for this turned into a discussion about nipples. Sigh.