Friday, November 25, 2011


This was for Sam Bosma's Digital Illustration class. The project was about doppelgängers, and it turned out to be a huge challenge for me for some reason; probably because I have an irrational fear of monsters that look like people/me.

I kept going back to this image of an eyeless doppelgänger stealing someone's eyes, though, and it was creepy so I went with that.


  1. The doppelganger I mean, I think the other person being sad is a given

  2. This is just incredible, first the eyes hidden in the trees, then the blank, eyeless face of the doppelganger and the eyeballs staring, and then the way you can't see the lady's face so you have to imagine how gory it looks..
    Just amazing

  3. The doppelgänger is the one I like the best!! Your art is really amazing, I'd kill to be able to draw like that.

  4. I am obsessed with this. OBSESSED.